Siege Onager Jr : Rocks in Maine

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Onager Jr : Rocks in Maine
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We rebuilt the machine, and brought it to Maine to fling rocks into the mud flats. We had rebuilt the breaker bar to be sturdier than before, and also added a winch.

Here is a close up of extra metal angle iron protecting the cross bars on the breaker beam. Also, a new thinner vertical breaker plate was added. This one is made of plywood, with a metal backing plate.

Here is a view of the new winch mechanism. A simple boat trailer winch is bolted to the back inside plate. Two pullys give a 2:1 ratio to draw back the arm. A loop fits over the top of the arm and is easily pulled back off once the arm has been fully drawn down, and the trigger put in place.

Winched down, and ready to fire a big rock into the mud.

That rock didn't fly far enough, so here we are tightening up the rope bundle. A 2x4 is used as a muscle bar, and a short bit of rope is looped over one end of the epizygis, the other over the 2x4. Standing on the beam helps twist it up more.

Horror strikes, and the trigger has broken. Starting with two hinge hooks, one is ripped off at the base of a weld and falls helplessly to the ground. Fortunately, the rock landed in the mud with a mighty thunk, and spattered mud everywhere, so life was good.


Google Video Service
Onager Jr part 2

Second onager video from the cabin shoot
27 sec - Jun 28, 2006

Google Video Service
Onager Jr

Onager Jr being fired at the cabin
13 sec - Jun 28, 2006

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Onager Jr : Rocks in Maine We rebuilt the machine, and brought it to Maine to fling rocks into the mud flats. We had rebuilt the breaker bar to be sturdier than before, and also added a winch.
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