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Micro Treb:

Micro Treb is a very small trebuchet built to scale for 25mm fantasy miniatures. It can throw 1/4 inch finishing nails about 30 inches at a low arc. It could probably throw a heavier projectile a bit farther.

Baby Trebuchet:

Baby treb is a short trebuchet useful for throwing golf-balls, and Duplo blocks. It is also my first trebuchet, built by my Dad when I was in high school.

Treb Jr:

Treb Jr. is an experimental 4' traction trebuchet. It was made from the remains of oak pallets used to carry plate steel to Digital Corporation. The arm is a young ash tree. The fulcrum came off a dead lawn mower shift lever. The pouch came from an old pair of jeans. Surprisingly, I did purchase some bolts and rope for this machine.


Juggernaut is our first large scale throwing machine. We used this design for our experiments for 1.5 years. That time culminated in attending the 1998 World Championship Punkin Chunk

Juggernaut 2:

In 1999, we rebuilt Juggernaut to be larger, stronger, and more dangerous than before. We abandoned our traction technique and moved on to using a counterweight in a more traditional form.

Higgs Throwson Trebuchet:


The Higgs Throwson trebuchet was built to compete at a competition held at the Higgens Armory in Worcester MA.

Pumpkin Putter:

Pumpkin Putter
2001 Enhancements
2004 Enhancements

In 2000 we decided to take a two prong attack to our siege craft. We simultaneously started building both a gigantic Ballista, and a centripetal human powered machine.

Baby Ballista:

Baby Ballista
Bowstring Upgrade
Test Firing

Baby Ballista was constructed while we were trying to design Ballista Jr. We had realized part way through that we weren't quite sure what was up, so we built Baby Ballista in an attempt to figure our what was going on.

Ballista Jr:

Ballista Jr is Team Tormentum's first ballista, and first torsion machine.

Mista Ballista:

Mista Ballista
Modiolus and Epizygis
Rope Bundles
2005 Rope bundle Upgrade
2006 Rope Bundle Reconfiguration
Hydraulic and Electric Power
Mystery Parts
Modiolus and Epizygis 2007
Torsion 2007
Arms 2006 - 2007
Failed Arms

Mista Ballista is Team Tormentum's Torsion Division competition catapult.

Baby Hatra Ballista:

Baby Hatra Ballista is a model of a ballista whose Archaeological evidence was found near Hatra Iraq.

Hatra Ballista Jr:

Hatra Jr
Spring Frame
Scapus Frame
Arms and Bowline

After building and testing Baby Hatra Ballista, it was clear this design was worth pursuing. Eric decided we needed a mid-sized model which we could then enter into the World Championship Punkin Chunk in the 10 and under category.

Baby Onager:

Baby Onager was constructed in preparation for building a mid-sized onager. The basic torsion engine design was taken and improved from my Baby Ballista model. I'm going to recycle metal parts from Ballista Jr to build a mid-sized onager based on this design. If that works well, I may build a second for use in winter snow ball fights.

Onager Jr:

Onager Jr
Flinging potatoes
Rocks in Maine
Zucchini Upgrades

Onager Jr was our first torsion siege-engine of the medium scale that functioned well.

UTM: Universal Torsion Machine:

Torsion Bundles
VSpring Configuration

The UTM, or Universal Torsion Machine, is a small scale torsion engine designed to answer the oft asked question, "What is the best Torsion Engine configuration?"

Baby ASOK (Cam Drive Trebuchet):

This is a Cam Drive Trebuchet I'm calling an ASOK (Arm Slides Over Kam.) This small machine stands 2' tall and has 4 lbs of counterweight. At the moment it can hurl a small key-chain koosh ball about 20-35 feet.

Cardan Trebuchet (Cardan Gear Linear Motion Trebuchet):

The Cardan Gear Linear Motion Trebuchet is an adaptation of the motion found in a Cardan Gear adapted to a straight track-drop trebuchet. The straight track drop is an idea used in a FAT (Floating Arm Trebuchet), or in our Baby ASOK (Arm Slides Over Cam). The Cardan gear was invented to accept linear motion from a steam piston to create circular motion. For this trebuchet the geometry (without the gears) was used to fling.

Baby Scissor Trebuchet (Scissor Jack Near-Linear Motion Trebuchet):

The Scissor Jack Near-Linear Motion Trebuchet is an adaptation of the common Scissor Jack as found for lifting automobiles. The motion found in a Scissor can be adapted to a near-straight drop trebuchet. The straight drop is an idea used in a a FAT (Floating Arm Trebuchet), or in our Baby ASOK (Arm Slides Over Cam).


What do you build when your young kids see you playing with lots of catapults which are all to dangerous for them to play with? They know it's fun. They see you launching stuff. They clearly need a catapult of their own.

Vacuum Bazooka:

What do you do in Massachusetts Mid January when the kids are bouncing and, for whatever reason, it's almost 70 degrees outside? Build a catapult, of course. Well, it's not exactly a catapult, but it does throw stuff in an amusing way. This vacuum bazooka was inspired by the title of a book, Vacuum Bazooka, Rainbow Jelly, and 27 other experiments. I didn't actually read the chapter on vacuum bazooka. I just made stuff up.

Air Cannon Jr: is a home for many esoteric and ancient catapult replicas. Looking for parts for our many machines has lead to the acquisition of many mechanical parts others may not be tempted to hold on to. Such was the case when my propane tank expired and could no longer be filled, and when a 1.5" AC actuated air valve came into my possession around the same time. What to do? Isn't it obvious?

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