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Mount Snow and The MathWorks in '02      
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On July 13, 2002, Eric took his standby machines Juggernaut and Onager Jr to Mount Snow, Vermont. Eric's main concern was getting all the folks he works with a chance to play with the catapults, and it was quite fortunate that the management at Mount Snow was willing to give up some parking lot space for the event.

Eric (right) constructs juggernaut on site with friends from work Ben Hinkle (left), and Padman Nagarajan (center).

Juggernaut stands waiting as the crowd gathers. A 2 liter bottle is waiting to be flung.

Here is Eric providing instruction to a new set of counterweight volunteers. While you may think I'm pointing out that the center pull line has slid down the arm, I'm actually explaining that they want to stand as close beneath their tether as possible to better use gravity to their advantage. Additional instructions are to reach as high up on their pull ropes as possible. Next is the counting "1 2 3 fall". Lift your feet off the ground (don't bend your arms if you don't have to) and just sit down. DO NOT LET GO OF YOUR ROPE or the arm will swing around and bonk Padman on the head.

A launch in progress! Juggernaut has rather short front legs, so I've taken to standing on the back end so that it isn't flipped over on top of the operators. On the left most side of the crew are the more timid operators putting themselves in danger of being whacked by the iron ring as it comes by after the shot. On the right are the braver of the crew who learned the safety of just sitting down after operation.

A half gallon orange juice container flew 150 feet or so and landed with great enthusiasm. Full separation was gained on impact!

I also brought Onager Jr with me. Here Jason Kinchen's (right) children crank down the arm. Taking turns, they were eventually able to get the arm cocked and ready to fire.

I finished configuring the machine for launch after the arm was cranked down. This is the part I always find a little nerve wracking as I trust my body-parts to the strength of my recently re-welded trigger hinge. The cord bundle had been just recently re-wrapped with some dynamic climbing rope which proved to be quite powerful.

And the Onager is about to be launched!

The finer points of preparing the Onager for launch is given to Ross Schacher.

Sproing! The 20oz bottle goes straight up due to mis-configuration of the throwing pouch. While the newly knit pouch made of nylon line is extra strong and sturdy, it has a tendency to change shape, resulting in strange launches if it isn't properly reshaped.

Another Launch.

And Dave Foti gets a launch. (Dave joined us for the 1998 Punkin Chunk.)

Eventually we have to repack everything back into the trailer for the trip home. Thanks to (left to right) Ben Hinkle, Rich Ohman, Padman Nagarajan, and Raul Mitra who helped me assemble and disassemble the machines this day despite the dangers.

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