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Team Tormentum Members      
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Team Tormentum is made up of several people who all contribute to construction, engineering, historical research and any other important tasks needed.

Here you can learn a little more about each of our team members.

Eric Ludlam: Captain

Eric and Trevor visit a scrap yard
Eric Ludlam thought about building his first siege engine in 1985 as part of a history project. His dad ended up building it, which suited him fine at the time. When he bought a house with wife Amy, the siege engines followed. In 1996 Eric and his brother Greg were inspired by the small devices, and built Trebuchet Jr. over the course of several weekends. As Treb Jr. is unique, and there were no resources to draw from that we knew of at the time, it took a lot of experimentation, and old scrap pallets to figure out how the silly thing was supposed to work.

In 1997, Eric and Greg started work on Juggernaut, Team Tormentum's traction trebuchet. It was modeled after a machine seen on the Internet at the Gray Company Trebuchet Site. Juggernaut required a large team to operate, and it soon attracted the first few members of Team Tormentum. While attempting to perfect this machine, Eric discovered the World Championship Punkin Chunk web site, and decided that we just had to go.

In the real world, Eric and his wife Amy live in Framingham MA. Sons Trevor (here in Eric's backpack) Owen, and Ian served as inspiration for creating poetry. Eric works at The MathWorks Inc. as a software engineer, and has even written a nifty volume visualization tool in the companies flagship product. In his other spare time Eric writes software for Emacs which helps developers write more software.

CGI : 1078 CGC : I+D+++T++B+++G+++C++AV-W+++P+

Kevin Johnson

Kevin finds treasure at the Scrap Yard
Kevin Johnson was first lured into the folds of Siege Engineering in 1996 while we were building Treb Jr. He immediately volunteered his time as counterweight, and soon after, his engineering skills to prevent the machine from falling on him.

Kevin digs technology, and has been the team videogropher since its earliest days. He captures video onto his computer, and has provided them for this website. A side effect is that the best vantage point for taking video has necessitated that he be fleet of foot as projectiles head his way.

Kevin feeds his technology habit working at MÄK where he manages a software product that simulates battle situations for the military.

Kevin's video footage made a television appearance when the pumpkin putter was featured on an episode of Modern Marvels. (Trip report).

CGI : 515 CGC : D++B++G-C++A+V-W+++

Dave Shepard

Dave Runs Mr. B's winch
Dave is a collector of tools useful and esoteric. His appetite for catapults was first whet when Amy Ludlam took Juggernaut to a corporate picnic when she worked with Dave at Concord Communications. In 2000 Dave started helping us design the Pumpkin Putter.

Dave's greatest contribution to Team Tormentum is bringing us into the iron age. Eric took welding lessons with Dave, and Dave's wide range of tools have helped us create sturdy and more accurate parts for our machines.

When Dave isn't siege engineering, he's shopping on Ebay, looking for new tools at auctions, or adventuring with his wife Andrea and two kids Logan and Alden. Dave feeds his tool habit by working at IBM on a software engineering team designing data analytics appliances..

CGI : 699 CGC : D+TB+G+C+++A++V-W+

Kevin Cheney

Kevin hammers a giant wedge into
Mista Ballista's bundle
Kevin Cheney joined Team Tormentum in 2008, and designed a fancy pair of aluminum arms for us. Kevin is a mechanical engineer and has taken on the role of simulating key components for Mista Ballista before fabricating. Amazing!

Karl Hamm : Welder

Karl sitting in Mista Ballista's bundles
MetalWerks Barn Logo
Karl Hamm joined Team Tormentum in 2008, and brought a nicely welded pair of aluminum arms with him for Mista Ballista. Karl is a master metal fabricator, and runs his business "MetalWerks" in Oakdale Connecticut.

Amy Ludlam:

Amy and Owen carve a pumpkin
While Amy isn't interested in building or operating any of our catapults, as the captains spouse, she puts up with more than your average wife. Amy enjoys quilting, and knitting, and making sure catapult builders are properly fed.

As a quilter and knitter, she has made pouches for most of our machines.

In a pinch, she subs in for missing team members when a siege event comes up and others can't make it. She's tried her hand at launching almost all of our machines, and has even made a weld or two with us. Nifty!

Amy used to work as a database consultant for I.P.S.O Inc..

CGI : 281 CGC : B++G+++W+++

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