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The year 2000 Punkin Chunk debuted our new Human Powered Centripetal machine, Pumpkin Putter We had a great time, and suffered great catastrophes. The, Pumpkin Putter threw 144 feet, and we took 7th place out of 11 machines.

I was not able to get pictures of the Aludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator

(see the 1998 Chunk for details) or the new World Record holder Old Glory which took first place with a chunk of 4080 ft! There was much intrigue going on as during much of the chunk we thought Big Ten Inch, also not pictured here, took the competition with a chunk of over 4100 feet, but he was disqualified for using helium.

Unfortunately, these machines were so far away, I never was able to walk down to that end of the field.

My team prepares to drive away from Hudson. We include Roger Nichols, Dave Shepard, Elsa Zuniga, Me (Eric Ludlam) and Kevin Johnson.

MMMMmmmmmm.. Ammunition.

Roger tests out our machine, Pumpkin Putter. It is a centripetal machine, meaning Roger pedals the bicycle, which then rotates the arm which has a pumpkin at one end. When it is going fast enough, the throw the trigger, which flings the pumpkin forward. After the competition, we estimate that our pumpkin was going about 44 miles per hour.

We had a few issues with the bike interface.

Our neighbors tighten up Onager's cord bundles. They can usually throw about 1300 ft, but this year only made pumpkin pie, destroying their pumpkins before they left the machine, and spraying us with a fine pumpkin rain.

Pumpkin Slayer had a fine crowd cheering him on the whole time. They threw 1095 ft. taking 4th place in the Human Powered division.

This orange spring powered trebuchet called "Don Quixote" threw 261.21 ft taking 6th place. The machine behind never worked.

The Pirates of Punkin Chunkin only threw 29.48 feet, but managed to not come in last. They put on a pirate show for the crowd which was pretty funny as they shot their pumpkin at a witch out in the field.

Our first shot seemed to be going well when the trigger mechanism failed. Eventually, the arm started slowing down, and the pumpkin fell off, going an amazing 9.3 feet! (You can see it in front of the machine.) Our second shot gave us 7th place with a chunk of 144.24 ft.

Junkyard chunker was a weight driven machine which used an old engine block as the counter weight. He took second place with a chunk of 435.61 ft. taking 2nd place in the trebuchet division.

This beautiful propped counter wieght machine was built using traditional techniques, and threw 250.3 ft. taking 8th place.

Hey, that's my design from last year! No sign, so I couldn't find out how far it threw.

Gene's Machine threw 1318.36 human powered taking second place, and 1276.02 in the unlimited catapult division, taking 3rd place.

Hypertension threw 1122.99 human powered taking third place, and 1361.07 in the unlimited catapult division, taking second place.

Feats Don't Fail Me Now thew 970.02 ft, and broke its arm in its second two shots.

Loaded Boing "The Worlds Most Dangerous Slingshot" captured 9th place with a chunk of 405.73 ft.

Sky's Da Limit took 8th place in the unlimited catapult division with a chunk of 447 ft. On the second day, they tried to throw 9 pumpkins at the same time, and pelted the crowd. I assume it was amusing since the announcer was laughing over the intercom. "Look out for that punkin!"

Punkin Upchunkin was 10th with a shot of 177.61 ft. Three little girls of about 4 years of age fired this rubber band cannon by pulling with all their might on the trigger line. Very cute.

Team Mascot I think.

Youth Pneumatic division. These kids were throwing between 2000 and 3500 ft. I think I need to get Trevor one of these.

Bad to the bone, a centripetal machine (like our machine, the Pumpkin Putter) took first place in the unlimited centripetal division with a chunk of 2127.63 ft. This is an old tractor trailer truck, with a couple extra differentials welded into a tower. This machine is amazing to watch, and belches out nasty black smoke.

Acme Spooky Bazookey chunked 1334.84 in the human powered division with a custom bicycle powered air pump, taking the first place human powered title from Gene for the fist time in many years.

The Hillbilly Bullet took 11th place with a chunk of 2805.00 ft in the hotly competitive Pneumatic division. Behind him, the ACME Melon Musket came up from Florida to chunk 3116.83 for 6th place.

Big Blaster from Illinois took 5th place with a chunk of 3367.10 ft. I thought it look pretty cool.

The ACME Catapult Company from Illinois nabbed 1st place unlimited catapult with a chunk of 1603.31 ft, stealing the title from Gene's Machine. Yes, that is a flat bed trailer it is sitting on, and yes, that is a hydraulic cylinder used to set the machine ready to throw a pumpkin. It uses around 40 to 50 stretched garage door springs to shoot it's pumpkin.
I think I need one of these.

This machine ripped its draw down mechanism clean off and never got a third shot for the day.

Onager breaks his arm during testing in the morning. This arm was his pride and joy after carefully constructing it using ancient techniques, and lasted longer than any of his other arms. It will be missed. He never made a successful shot, destroying all his pumpkins.

Disaster strikes! While warming up for our last throw, the rear free wheel fell off on our machine!

We quickly cobble the system back together, but it doesn't look pretty. We successfully threw 107 feet with Dave holding the free wheel on with the plywood while Roger pedaled furiously.

This guys machine broke yesterday, and today wore a pumpkin helmet, and threw the pumpkin by hand into the field taking last place in the human powered division!

Young guns, a fixed wieght trebuchet with 3.5 tones of counter weight throws a 100 pound pumpkin for fun. During the competition his machine kept falling off the cinder blocks. I can't seem to find him in the results.

See Punkin Chunkin for the full results.

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