Siege World Championship Chunk 2011: Torsion Class

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World Championship Chunk 2011: Torsion Class
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The torsion class had a fabulous year with multiple machines breaking 3000 ft and setting a new world record, with new distance records for every machine in the division.

The torsion lineup as seen from the road behind the firing line.

First Place: Chucky III

Friday Saturday Sunday
3636.39 2866.34 1456.57

Chucky 3 had an amazing shot on Friday, but on Saturday while pulling back, they blew a strand in their bundle and had a weaker shot.

For Sunday, the cranked things up and blew more strands on their bundle. They backed off on the modiolii, then continued to pull back on their power arm. The launch went low, and didn't even reach half their normal distance.

After the shot, investigation showed that their power arm was bent. Usable, but bent. They will have some more work to do for the coming year.

Chucky 3 on Thursday before the damage began.

Second Place: Roman Revenge

Friday Saturday Sunday
3056.46 2648.60 3223.41

Roman Revenge started the weekend with a strong throw. Unfortunately, they blew a strand on the second day, affecting their distance. They pulled it together, and got off a great shot on Sunday, but unfortunately for them, it wasn't enough to top Chucky's amazing first day throw.

Third Place: ETHOS

Friday Saturday Sunday
2601.76 2911.75 1814.01

Ethos was a great neighbor in the pits this year, helping us out with some kevlar thread when our throwing pouch broke. They started out strong on Friday, and continued the trend on Saturday, but the Sunday throw was low and slow. Good enough for 3rd place though. Very impressive!

Ethos took the dubious position of Only Torsion Engine to not break anything this year.

Fourth Place: Onager

Friday Saturday Sunday
2409.93 0 0

Onager started out with a great throw, Pied on Saturday, and the arm blew up on Sunday. He hit a new personal best, so great news for Bob!

Onager stands ready for battle on Thursday before the competition.

On Sunday, Onager's arm blew up. An impressive display as the arm tip flew many feet up into the air.

Fifth Place: Alesia Gaul Buster

Friday Saturday Sunday
1782.42 0 1923.60

Gaul Buster had a great start to the weekend, but life got a little stressful with a pie on Saturday. They pulled it together and got an amazing shot of almost 2000ft on Sunday. The shot was so powerful, they broke their arm stop.

Gaul Buster standing at the ready on Thursday.

After their final shot, Gaul Buster's arm was pointing all the way forward.

Sixth Place : Mista Ballista

Friday Saturday Sunday
0 953.93 1041.91

Mista Ballista started breaking stuff right away on Friday, but once that was wrapped up, continued strong with increasing distances on Saturday, then on Sunday.

Mista Ballista fires a 953ft shot on Saturday.

Mista Ballista's broken bowstring after the third shot.

Visit Mista Ballista's 2011 chunk page for more about us.
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World Championship Chunk 2011: Torsion Class The torsion class had a fabulous year with multiple machines breaking 3000 ft and setting a new world record, with new distance records for every machine in the division.

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