Siege World Championship Chunk 2010: Torsion Class

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World Championship Chunk 2010: Torsion Class      
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The torsion class had a fabulous year with multiple machines breaking 2000 ft.

The torsion lineup as seen from the road behind the firing line.

First Place: Chucky III

Friday Saturday Sunday
2459.92 0.00 2836.28

Chucky 3 did pretty well on Friday, but on Saturday while cranking things up, one of the retaining pins that holds the modiolus on broke, and their right modiolus slid forward. The backed off with the hydraulics to reposition the bundle, then welded everything into place.

For Sunday, the cranked things up on the left side which was still functional, and got off their winning throw!

Chucky III standing idle on Saturday.

Second Place: Roman Revenge II

Friday Saturday Sunday
1638.45 1835.69 2825.88

Roman's revenge did great on Friday. Dissatisfied, they decided to pull their bundle out, and perform a complete re-wrap. This gave them a moderate performance boost on Saturday, but allowed them to really crank things up and do spectacularly well on Sunday.

Roman's Revenge gets ready for a practice shot on Sunday Morning.

Third Place : Onager

Friday Saturday Sunday
713.29 1283.57 2196.43

On Friday, Bob tried out his new fancy lighter "Haulin Ash" arm, but bent it to pieces during the throw, resulting in his 700ft throw. He put in his backup arm from last year, and was good to go for the rest of the competition.

Onager on Saturday morning. Bob's sign from Belgium stands near his hydraulic rig.

Onager's broken arm from his Friday throw. Looks like a little bit of twisting to his I beam.

Fourth Place : Alesia Gaul Buster

Friday Saturday Sunday
1494.05 1603.64 1852.97

Gaul Buster did great all weekend. No mishaps, just progressively better and better throws all weekend.

Gaul Buster had a break-out year, and was kind enough to help pull Mr. B into our pit with their 10 wheel drive military truck. Thanks guys!

Fifth Place : Mista Ballista

Friday Saturday Sunday
0.00 803.84 0.00

Mista Ballsita gets ready to fire on Sunday.

Sixth Place : Ethos

Friday Saturday Sunday
0.00 0.00 0.00

Ethos prepares a test shot on Sunday morning. Sadly, last years champs failed to launch a single pumpkin this year.

Youth 3rd Place : The Plague

Friday Saturday Sunday
470.14 772.82 904.81

I need a pictures and a short story of the plague from this year! Can someone help me out? Thanks!

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World Championship Chunk 2010 Team Tormentum brought Mista Ballista, our torsion machine to the chunk this year.
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World Championship Chunk 2010: Torsion Class The torsion class had a fabulous year with multiple machines breaking 2000 ft.

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