Siege World Championship Chunk 2008: Torsion Class

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World Championship Chunk 2008: Torsion Class      
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Once again, the torsion class ruled the field with massively long distance shots that broke world records, and the usually great Torsion camaraderie.

Here is the torsion lineup as seen with a zoom-lens from the 10-and-under catapult pit #2.

First Place - Chucky II

Chucky II on Thursday

Chucky II came back with a wider bundle, and a longer arm. They fell behind on Friday when they pied their first shot, but they came back with a vengeance on Saturday with a 2438ft shot, and they conquered all with a 3090ft shot on Sunday!

Never doubt the pen of John the surveyor

The writing is on the side of Chucky II. New world record for any mechanical throwing device.

Second Place - Roman Revenge

Roman Revenge

Roman Revenge captured the new torsion class world record on Friday with a 2200ft launch. They enjoyed having the world record for 24 hours before loosing it back to ChuckyII the following day.

Third Place - Onager


Bob Carbo and Onager were back again. After their machine bent it self up last year, they too went for a wider bundle, with steel tube extending from the wooden frame. They also cut away at their frame which allows for the arm to swing even lower to the ground.

For the first time, Onager has done away with the famous "Carbo Hole", and how stows the pumpkin on a specialty sled under the machine.

Onager captured 3rd place with a 1800ft chunk on Friday.

Also Chunked

Team Ethos
The new torsion machine from Team Ethos was unique on the field. Made of composite materials, they ran a tube through the center of their rope bundle, and each strand had a separate hole in the arm. The concept was that with less rope positioned in more optimal locations, a powerful machine could be constructed. They broke 1000 ft on their first shot, but eventually their whole machine imploded. I look forward to seeing these guys again next year!

Team Gaul Buster
The new torsion machine Gaul Buster had a tall bundle location, and a very clever bundle tightening system. Kudos to these clever guys.

Mista Ballista
Mista Ballista chunked 430 ft with a new set of aluminum arms. The short shot was at low torsion. The high torsion shot pied.

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World Championship Chunk 2008: Torsion Class Once again, the torsion class ruled the field with massively long distance shots that broke world records, and the usually great Torsion camaraderie.
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