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World Championship Chunk 2007: Torsion Class
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Once again, the torsion class ruled the field with massively long distance shots and the usually great Torsion comraderie.

First Place - Chucky II

Chucky was back and performed very well. On Friday, he shot a pumpkin that split in half 1500ft away, and the large piece was measured at 3080 feet! Torsion truly does rule!

Sadly, this number was disqualified due to the pie, so on day 2, Chucky II shot 2152.93 into the wind, setting a new world record. On day 3, he shot 2095.19.

New items on Chucky II includes the "whiskers", which hold the stop-band up and forward, allowing more arm rotation, and a lower angle. The lower angle is useful because Chucky is now so powerful, wind resistance has become a major factor slowing down the pumpkin.

Second Place - Roman's Revenge

Roman's revenge was back, and much taller! By lifting the rope bundle high into the air, they now get almost 180 degrees of pullback. To manage all that pullback, they need a special pulley arm to hold the winch cable away from the arm far enough to have the right angle for cranking it down.

On Friday, Roman shot 1853.75 ft. On Saturday they shot a bit less at 1549.41 into the wind, and on Sunday, the broke the 2000 ft mark with a toss of 2017.22 ft. Good show Roman's Revenge! You are nipping the heals of Chucky, with a great comeback after pieing all three shots last year.

Third Place - Onager

What's a Punkin Chunkin contest without Bob Carbo and Onager! I don't know, it's never happened. Now dubbing himself as the "Grandfather of Torsion" at the punkin chunk with the introduction of Hatra Ballista in the 10 and under catagory, Bob and Onager both performed as well as ever.

On Friday he shot 1645.22 ft. On Saturday 1447.7 into the wind, and on Sunday Onager shot 1509.99.

During the contest, Onager's scutula plates caved in, and he was unable to add, or remove torsion from the bundle. That didn't seem to bother him though. He just kept shooting during free fire and contest shots as if nothing was wrong.

Forth Place - Mista Ballista

Mista Ballista was back as well. We got off one shot at 582 feet, and broke on the following day.

Fifth Place - Chucky I

Chucky I wasn't put together fully till Saturday's contest shot. Chucky 1 shot 234.08 ft on Saturday, and 378.75 on Sunday.

Youth Torsion

Well, this isn't a real division, but why not add this machine as an honorary Torsion Class machine from the 11-17 catapult division.

This machine is "The Plague". Team Captain Cooper told me that, they are suffering from the same issues the rest of us had suffered from. Bent Epizygii. Hard to twist up, and a broken arm. This machine is currently sporting a Home-Depot lumber special bolted together at the last minute after blowing an arm just before the contest.

On Friday they threw 228.8 ft. On Saturday 264.45 feet and on Sunday they added 4 garage door springs to get some extra distance and threw 407.17 ft. The Plague came in 5th place amongst a field of tension-spring powered catapults like Little Feats and Tremors. Great job guys!

They are hoping that more 11-17 Torsion machines will show up so that a new division will start up.


Google Video Service
Torsion machines 2007

Final torsion shots in slow motion, video taken at 120 frames per second. Romans Revenge 2, Onager, and Chucky 2
51 sec - Nov 6, 2007

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