Siege Punkin Chunk 2002 : The Competition

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Punkin Chunk 2002 : The Competition
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The 2002 chunk set several new world records this year. We spent a lot of time with the catapult folks this year, and had a good time.

Unfortunately, we spent so much time working our our machine this year, we didn't have much time to hob-nob with the other chunkers unless they came to visit us. If you see your machine here somehow misrepresented, please contact me to fix the problems.

The new onager Chucky 2 was one of our neighbors. We thought we were showing up with the largest rope bundles in Mista Ballista at 10.75 inches, but these guys were the first folks we saw, with a whopping potential of 16 inches of rope. This ludicrously sized rope bundle had 900 feet of 1 inch rope powered a short (6 foot) laminated beam with great efficiency, though they had trouble launching pumkins without ripping them to shreds. The system was housed on the back of a 75 Ford 100 series they had scavanged from the woods. The threw about 451 feet.

They were a huge help to us at the chunk, lending us use of their generator, welder, and company.

Pumpkin Slayer was back again this year, this time as our neighbor in the human powered division. The were flinging pumkins over 1300 feet this year and keeping the crowds well entertained.

Here is a rubber-band cannon. This family team wore shirts with the same flame pattern around the waste as this machine. In the background, youth division trebuchets and catapults were arrayed.

Pumpkin Upchunkin was small, but effective at flinging it's pumpkins. The owner of this machine was quite friendly, and was interested in Mista Ballista, and comiserated with us on our plight this year.

Splat Cat, a spring powered trebuchet lived up to it's name, and one of its pumpkins went flying backwards, and whacked into it's sign, much to the amusement of the crowd, and the announcer.

Onager and Bob Carbo was back again, taking 3rd place with his human powered chunk of over 1100 feet. He brought a small version of his onager with him which had the same hardware and design as his big onager. Isn't the model supposed to come first?

This trebuchet had some funky air-cylinders hooked to the white pipes barely visible in this picture. I'm still not sure what all this stuff was for.

The centripital machines (from left to right) Bad to the Bone, Determinator, and a third air powered centripital device duked it out in their own division. Bad to the bone set a new record for Centripital of over 2300 feet this year.

Old Glory was back, but didn't get a single successful chunk out this year.

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Punkin Chunk 2002 Team Tormentum worked many late nights trying to finish Mista Ballista for the 2002 Chunk. We eventually packed up the machine, and dragged it to Delaware even though we had never fully assembled it, nor were all the parts built, such as the bowstring. Regardless, we had a great time and impressed lots of people with the nifty parts we've built over the past three years..
Punkin Chunk 2002 : The Competition The 2002 chunk set several new world records this year. We spent a lot of time with the catapult folks this year, and had a good time.

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