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Catapult Geek Code Description
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The Catapult Geek Code is a confusing collection of letters and symbols. Interpreting it is not really an exact science. These tables should help.

Interpreting your CGC

Your Catapult Geek Code (CGC) is similar to the original Geek Code, but the letters mean different things. You can use this to communicate the gist of your Catapult Geek Index (CGI).

B: An indication of your catapult building proficiency.
B- I've never built a catapult
B I've built one catapult and it the coolest thing ever.
B+ I've built a couple catapults and now know what I need to improve.
B++ My close family is beginning to wonder about my obsession
B+++ Everyone I know is beginning to wonder about my obsession
B++++ I am Ron Toms and TV audiences everywhere marvel at my obsession.
G: An indication of how many operational catapults you have in storage.
G- I don't own any catapults
G I have one very precious catapult
G+ I have started collecting catapults
G++ I have started boasting about my catapult collection
G+++ I have started parking in the driveway
G++++ I am Ron Toms and have a warehouse of catapults
C: An indication of how many competitions you have attended
C- There are catapult competitions?
C I just got back from the 'Chunk and it's soooo coooool.
C+ The chunk is going to be a yearly event for me now.
C++ No longer considered a competition newbie.
C+++ Veteran Chunker
C++++ Bob Carbo.
A: An indication of how many awards you have received at chunkin' contests.
A- Punkin Chunkin' is an excuse for drinkin' beer.
A Woo Hoo! I've got an award!
A+ I could get used to winning awards
A++ I have a special room for all my awards
A+++ I'm running out of room for all my awards
A++++ I own Gene's Machine.
V: An indication of how many contests you have visited as an observer.
V- I would never be caught outside the Pits
V I went to a chunk and that was amazing!
V+ Looking for a better view
V++ I wear a pumpkin on my head every year.
V+++ Those catapult builders are weird. I keep hoping to see a machine explode.
V++++ Groupie!
I: An indication of how many catapults you have invented.
I I invented a pretty nifty catapult
I+ I invented a couple nifty catapults
I++ I can't leave well enough alone
D: An indication of how many catapults you have Designed.
D I posted to the Catapult Message board and wrote down some stuff.
D+ The plans on the 'net are not good enough for me.
D++ All my catapults are unique!
D+++ No one knew how to build catapults when I started.
D++++ I am Ron Toms.
T: An indication of how many classes you have taught.
T I went to a high school and the kids thought I was wierd.
T+ I've become an excuse to skip class.
T++ I know a few physics teachers.
W: An indication of how large your website is.
W I have a website.
W+ I have pictures on my website
W++ I have a movie on my website
W+++ I have a large CGI and documented the fact on the internet.
W++++ I am Ron Toms
P: An indication of how many plans you have written and published
P I took my little catapult and made plans for it.
P+ The more plans I write, the more email I get
P++ The more email I get, the more plans I write to stop the flood.
P+++ I don't read my email anymore.
Bk: An indication of how many books you have published
Bk One Book
Bk+ Two Books
Bk++ Red Book, Blue Book
Vi: An indication of how many videos you have directed.
Vi One Video
Vi+ Two Videos
Vi++ More Videos

What is a Geek Code?

It started long ago. Read about the original geek code.

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Catapult Geek Code Description The Catapult Geek Code is a confusing collection of letters and symbols. Interpreting it is not really an exact science. These tables should help.

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