Siege Punkin Chunk 2005: Torsion Division

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Punkin Chunk 2005: Torsion Division
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The Torsion Division was really rocking this year, with old favorites, and a very competitive rookie.

Mista Ballista was there and ready, but in the end, failed to launch any pumpkins.

New to the the chunk, Romans Revenge arrived. This onager is made of oak and powered by a polyester blend similar to Chucky. They joined the 1000ft club in their first competitive hurl, and blew a few strands in their bundle to boot. Hoo-rah!

Bob Carbo of Onager investigates the newcomer.

Chucky also returned. Throwing over 1400 ft in competition, he had practice shots flying over 1700ft (based on binocular readings). Wow!

On his final shot, the pull-down line broke and the dry-fire cause the arm to twist in the bundle. At first, depression, then they realized they hadn't loaded a pumpkin and still had 4 minutes left! A rapid repair, and within no-time the pumpkin was way out in the field.

Bob Carbo and Onager performed amazingly well. Clearly worried about Chucky's potential, he wound up to the point that his machine made lots of crazy creaky noises. With a throw of over 1640 ft, he clearly is doing something right.

Saturday afternoon had a second mini-torsion class competition between Mini-me (where "me" means Onager) and Team Tormentum's baby ballista. The ballista had an advantage for very light items which the small onager threw flat, and a disadvantage for large items which just didn't fit in the pouch.

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