Siege Bennington High School Chunk 2001

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Bennington High School Chunk 2001
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November 19, 2001 Roger and Eric went to Bennington High School where Eric's Aunt works. Jennifer Rosenthal teaches physics, and is the teacher who invited us. We brought several models, in addition to Onager Jr, our onager with a 3 inch rope bundle, and Juggernaut, our 8 foot tall traction trebuchet.

Here is Eric getting the Onager ready to be wound up in the end zone of the local football field. The onager is tipped up on end to make it easier to tighten the cord-bundle.

Here is Roger linking the sling onto Juggernaut. We brought two slings. One made of canvas works well for 20oz soda bottles. The other one is made from two basketball nets, and is better for the gallon jugs.

Eventually the students come out. Juggernaut is on the left, and Onagerjr is in front of the crowd.

An group of kids from the honors class prepare to pull on Juggernaut's counterweight lines. Eric is preparing the projectile to be launched. This group of high school students managed to throw 1 gallon of water somewhere around 160-170 feet down the football field. Team Tormentum, using a counterweight in the 1998 Punkin' Chunk only managed a throw of 165 ft. It must have been the excellent coaching. ;)

There was a wide range of distances thrown by the students. One team didn't get a single forward shot. The teachers also had a similar problem. The most important thing to do as a counterweight is to be unafraid of the ground. Giving up early results in a backwards release.

The Onager is tipped on end again as some students learn about cord bundles. Roger is perched on top to prevent the machine from flipping over when the kids put their weight into it. These students were amazed at how hard it is to tighten such a small cord bundle. With enough grunting, they did manage to twist the onager up farther than it ever had been before, permanently deforming the rope. This had an estimated 1500lbs of inward crushing pressure on the hole carriers (based on the working load advertised on the rope.) A side effect was that a 20oz soda bottle went 160-170 feet. It also destroyed my new trigger hinge. Oy.

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