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Catapult Geek Calculator
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This Calculator was written to help quantify an individuals dedication to the art of catapult construction.

Catapult Geek Index Calculator

Welcome to the Catapult Geek Index Calculator. This calculator requires a web browser with JavaScript Enabled. You can use this calculator to calculate your CGI and your CGC so you might better identify yourself among your peers.

When counting catapults, please exclude air cannons, spud guns, and sling shots. That's boring. While centripetal machines are not technically catapults, you can include them.

Catapult Design

To Invent a new catapult is to invent a catapult or catapult part that uses a mechanism that has not been seen before.

To design a catapult is merely to create a design and plan that implements a given catapult invention. It is ok to implement a design without writing it down.

Bringing catapults somewhere to let people you don't know shoot them counts as teaching a class.

Invented 100pts/invention Code
Designed 20pts/design
Classes Taught 10pts/session

Catapults that you have built

The number of catapults you built or helped build. Each catapult indexed must have been operated at least once and sent a projectile in some direction (forward or back).

Models (throws < 1lb) 10pts/catapult Code
Large Models (throws 1 to 7 lbs) 20pts
Competition (throws > 8 lbs) 40pts
Monsterous (throws cars) 100pts

Catapults In your garage

The number of catapults in your garage, house, yard, etc. These catapults could have been built by you from raw materials or from a kit. These catapults count if you can get them out and make them fling with less than a day's notice.

Models (throws < 1lb) 1pt/catapult Code
Large Models (throws 1 to 7 lbs) 3pts
Competition (throws > 8 lbs) 10pts

Catapult Competitions

The number of catapult competitions you have gone to and competed in. If you went to the WCPC 4 times, and the Busti Chuck 2 times, then your "Competed At" is 6, and the number of "Unique Contests" is 2.

If a competition you attended did not give out trophies, colored ribbons and painted toilet seat covers count too.

Competed At 10pts/contest Code:
Trophies 50pts/award
As Bystander 1pt/contest
Unique Contests Multiplier

Catapult Documentation

Documenting catapults for others takes many forms. For a web site, you can include a website for a team you belong to, but you must appear on the website as a team member. Plans specify a set of plans for a specific type of catapult that you have made available via some publication medium such as the Internet.

A Book is a commercial publication only.

A Video counts if you directed and edited a film of at least 45 minutes for commercial broadcast or publication, you could include that as a Book.

Web Site (In MB) 1pt/MB Code:
Plans Written 20pts/doc
Books Written 50pts/book
Videos Directed 35pts/video

Catapult Geek Index

Your Catapult Geek Index (CGI) is an indication of how much joy you derive from catapults and flinging objects about. A high index can be earned in all sorts of ways, but is usually an indication of how much of your creativity you dedicate to this sport.

Catapult Geek Code

Your Catapult Geek Code (CGC) is an abbreviated form of your index. While girls (or member of the sex you most prefer) may appreciate a large CGI, it is the CGC that really lets other catapult aficionados know where you stand.

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Catapult Geek Calculator This Calculator was written to help quantify an individuals dedication to the art of catapult construction.
Catapult Geek Code Description The Catapult Geek Code is a confusing collection of letters and symbols. Interpreting it is not really an exact science. These tables should help.

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