Siege Punkin Chunk 2005: Human Powered Centripetal Division

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Punkin Chunk 2005: Human Powered Centripetal Division
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The Pumpkin Putter was up against our old foes from Pennsylvania this year. Despite their smiling faces, they had a goal in mind, and that goal was to defeat the Pumpkin Putter.

The Boing Rotation (or Tiki Hut as we kept calling it) was a new comer. These guys worked on this thing all weekend, finally shooting forward on Sunday for an 80+ foot shot. A small wheel with a pumpkin bucket was mounted on top, and a weight was wrapped around the axle. When the weight dropped, the wheel spun. The weight was hauled up by cranking the machine by hand in reverse.

The Pumpkin Putter, of course, returned again this year. We had made some changes knowing the boys from PA were going to be back, and were they ever. Our changes seemed to be of limited value, and we ended up under-shooting our last years record, and were left only with a 140ft shot and 3rd place.

The yellow framed direct-drive "The Spinning Wheel" returned. Determined to do better than the 'putter they did so with a throw on Sunday over 200 feet as well. Wow! Clearly practice helps.

Don came back with Spinumpkin, a variation of last years M2S2 spinner welded to the back of a sedan. His new winch allowed him to pull his counterweight up quickly. He captured first place with an amazing throw over 210ft! Great job guys!

The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners in the lineup.

This is a really tricky division to be in. Centripetal is non-trivial to begin with (Just look at Determinator's record the last few years.) Combine that with having to make your machine efficient to overcome the limitations of human power and you've got quite a challenge.

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Punkin Chunk 2005: Human Powered Centripetal Division The Pumpkin Putter was up against our old foes from Pennsylvania this year. Despite their smiling faces, they had a goal in mind, and that goal was to defeat the Pumpkin Putter.

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