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History Channel Chunk 2001
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On Sept 2nd 2001, the History Channel came to Delaware to film modern day Siege Engines for the back half of an episode of Modern Marvels about siege engines. Naturally, Team Tormentum packed up our wide collection of machines, and brought them down for an exceptional day of keg tossing and vegetable flinging.

We were invited down by Mary Wallace who was producing the show, and we were invited to Milton, Delaware to shoot at Frank Payton 56 acre back yard. There were 8 other machines ranging from trebuchets to air cannons.

Here is the subset of Team Tormentum who showed up at the Chunk. From left to right, Kevin Johnson, Eric Ludlam, Amy Ludlam, Roger Nichols. We are standing in front of the new and improved Onager Jr which had been given a trigger upgrade since disaster struck in Maine.

The view when we first arrived. From left to right, the machines are Loaded Boing; The Worlds Most Dangerous Slingshot, Regulator; a fixed counterweight trebuchet, and Ingen-u-e-t; a spring powered trebuchet. The tractor was used to draw up the Regulator's 3000 lb lead counterweight. In the distance, a parked truck can be seen which served as the target of the day. It was insulted by kegs and melons all day long.

The largest machine we brought was our traction trebuchet Juggernaut with almost all the original hardware from 1998. We threw several cabbages and melons 100 to 200 feet downrange. Quite a bit of footage was taken of this machine, and Mary even added her weight to a shot when we threw a very heavy melon. It was the only human powered machine at the chunk, and the only traction trebuchet. (Hyper tension can also be human powered, but he was missing a few bits of hardware.)

We also brought Baby Ballista with us. As the only ballista in the area, it received a fair amount of camera time.

Here I am with Onager Jr again. This was the only torsion machine of any substantial size on the field. We threw fist-fulls of potatoes and onions for the History channel. It performed well with its new trigger which came away from the experience only slightly bent.

Loaded Boing put on a good show, flinging Kegs most of the day, and a sponsored 30pack of beer. (Only in Delaware...) He had 4 new rubber bands in the morning, and only two left by the end of the day. He uses a limb cutter on a pole to trim a bit of sacrificial line to launch his projectile away.

The spring trebuchet Ingen-u-e-t was right next to us all day, flinging kegs with abandon. A nifty feature of this machine was that the machine could be cocked and loaded before the springs were stretched. A small motor would winch down the springs vertically. They managed to drop one of their kegs onto the roof of the pickup truck which was parked down range.

Regulator (orange) is a fixed counter weight trebuchet with 3000 pounds of lead in the weight bucket. They told us they had cast their own lead into bricks, which rattled around nicely in the box as it flung kegs.

Their last shot of the day was a non-functional electric organ. Unfortunately, the organ got torn into bits as it was pulled from the chute.

In the back, a different lineup consisting of some air cannons. Started with the orange spring trebuchet Hypertension, Young Guns (Youth division cannon), Sky's Da Limit (Spring treb), and Road Warrior (B&W smoking air cannon).

Throughout the day, they would fling stuff which would go whizzing by our setup at high speed, and spattering sunflowers everywhere. It was really nifty being down range of these machines, and also not being struck by a flying pumpkin.

Road Warrior is run by Bill Thompson who is one of the originators of the World Championship Punkin Chunk.

Sky's Da Limit is a fun spring trebuchet which was attempting to throw multiple pumpkins in the 2000 Chunk, and ended up raining pumpkins into the crowd.

Young Glory is a youth division cannon owned by Jake Burton that was lobbing pumpkins at the truck down range all day long. Little kept the kids from chunkin other than pleas for calm while Mary was interviewing their neighbors. They hit the truck which was downrange several times to spectacular effect.

This green cannon also owned by Jake Burton had no triggering mechanism other than a burst plate. When the pressure built up high enough to rupture a rubber sheet, the pumpkin would fly. These guys shot way over the trees and the target truck.

Hypertension is run by John Huber from Maryland. He took second place at the 2000 chunk with this spring powered monster. As an engineer at a nuclear plant he designed this machine in a CAD program, and ran simulations till it stopped breaking. His 14 springs were specialty ordered from a spring making plant in Baltimore Maryland.
He powered his pumpkins up over the trees as well.

All through the day, the chunkers had to go down range and collect any non-vegetable projectiles from the dusty tree line. These two were collecting a keg flung by Loaded Boing.

Video Clips

Here is video of our Onager and Trebuchet launching stuff at the History Chunk.

Google Video Service
Hist Chunk 2001 Onager Jr 3 apples

History Channel Chunk 2001. Amy launches 3 apples w/ Onager Jr
10 sec - Aug 12, 2006

Google Video Service
2001 - Traction Trebuchet shoots water melon for tv show "Modern Marvels"

2001 - Traction Trebuchet shoots water melon for tv show "Modern Marvels". The crew on this machine includes Mary Wallace, the producer of the show is in blue and attempts escape to the left, plus several folks who have their own chunkin\' machines.
6 sec - Dec 1, 2007

Google Video Service
Hist Chunk 2001 Ingen-u-e-t

History Channel Chunk 2001, Ingen-u-e-t The spring powered trebuchet launches a keg. The second time almost hitting a pickup truck.
2 min - Aug 12, 2006

Google Video Service
History Chunk 2001 Regulator

History Channel Chunk 2001 - Regulator Launch Fixed Counterweight trebuchet "Regulator" shows how they winch down the arm, some setup (as a keg walks by), and launch.
2 min - Sep 2, 2001

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