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Twas the Night Before the Chunk
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Dedicated to my team. They work harder than I do.

by Eric Ludlam:

Twas the night before the chunk
 and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
 not even a mouse;
Dave builds a modiolus
suitcases were packed
  by the back door with care
in hopes that Roger Nichols
  soon would be there.

All the menfolk were outside, away from their beds While visions of pumpkins flew through their heads.

Kevin in his jacket, and I in my cap had just pulled out the rope, with a long skein to wrap.

when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter it must be Dave welding and cursing the splatter.

Through the Modiolus and down 'cross the skein I passed the rope off to Kevin who pulled on the line.

The moon up above the tree tops nearby shed no light below on our rope winding guys

Chucky II
When, what to my wondering
 eyes did appear,
a printout of the competition
 for the coming year.

I picked up the page, and read it up quick I knew in a moment the competition was thick.

More rapid than eagles my smile then came I hooted and hollered, and called them by name.

"Here's Slayer! Here's Arthur, Here's Chucky using torsion! There's Onager! There's Upchunkin! and then Hypertension!

"They use big skeins of rope, and counterweights tall! Now fling away, fling away, fling away all!"

Dave turned to look at me, scratching his head. "Our captain's gone loony, let's send him to bed."

We looked at the trailer, devoid of machine the work left to do, was truly obscene.

Winding the rope bundle
Jeff, Roger, and Kevin
 then set to task,
Winding the rope
 on our two skeins at last.

Eight hours later, the winding was through, Ten inches in each and the counting of two.

Twas the morning of the chunk, and all through the house Not one man was stirring, except for a louse.

The ballista was resting on the ground in despair It was far to heavy to lift up from there.

The captain arrived (well rested, of course) Looked all about, and with stress in his voice

Awakened his team so we could pack up the truck Except the machine was still sitting there stuck.

Travelling position
They grunted and groaned,
 and made funny faces
Put on their boots,
 and did up the laces.

Over six thousand pounds had to be moved And I could tell just by looking, they were not in the mood.

With kinks in our backs, six hours went by The ballista was ready for a ten hour drive.

You can learn more about Mista Ballista and the 2002 Punkin Chunk on our other pages.

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Twas' brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe...
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