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Punkin Chunk 1998
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For the 1998 Punkin Chunk, we modified Juggernaut with some extra counter weight.

Here is Roger showing off the test pumpkins we salvaged with duct tape the night before we left for Delaware. In the background is our weight assisted traction trebuchet Juggernaut.

Yes, that is a piece of firewood tied onto the top of the arm.

Here our team groups at the campsite before a long day of punkin tossing. Our crew consisted of (left to right) Dave Foti, Elsa Zuniga, Roger Nichols, Kevin Johnson, and me, Eric Ludlam.

Big Ten Inch:

Here we see an artistic view of Juggernaut with the barrel of the Big Ten Inch cannon towering over us.

Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator:

Here we see the Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator behind our recently assembled Juggernaut traction trebuchet. Our first thought: "We've got some serious competition." Also visible is Manual Lobber the small cannon in the foreground, and Top Secret which is the white tipped cannon on the black school bus.

Here we see the Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator towering over Juggernaut which is in the background. Manual Lobber is the small cannon pointing almost straight up. Big Ten Inch is the cannon poking out on the right side of the picture.

Yet another picture of the Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator from a slightly different angle. This machine set a new Worlds Record at this years Punkin Chunk with an amazing throw of 4026 feet. We were very excited about being slotted next to this monstrosity.

Also traveling with the Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator team was Manual Lobber. Here we see our team member Roger Nichols who was given a chance to pump up it's air tank on the bicycle powered air compressor.

Honey Dew Screw:

The Honey Dew Screw which was not impressive in distance, was by far the most amusing cannon on the lot. Powered by liquid nitrogen, an oil furnace, and a lot of courage, this cannon provided us hours of viewing fun.

Loading up the cannon with Liquid Nitrogen

A close up view of the fuming machine as he fills up an old fire-extinguisher with liquid nitrogen. His next task is to close all the valves, and and heat that container up with a blow torch. Yikes!

And an amazing chunk of ... 21 feet. He did much better later in the competition when he used more Liquid Nitrogen.

Team Juggernaut sets a new personal record!:

A picture of our flagged pumpkin. This was a new personal record for us at 151 feet! It was actually our ONLY recorded shot. We went on to throw a rather impressive 165 feet on our last toss.

Universal Soldier:

This amusing cannon is mounted atop a Chevy station wagon, which is in turn mounted on the frame of a military vehicle. We were told they fill this puppys air tanks up to 9000 psi. It sounds like a gunshot when it releases.

Other competitors:

The De-Terminator is a centrifuge machine with a chevy big block engine, and transmission on top. One wheel is welded down, and the other spins the pumpkin arm to rather amazing speeds.

An Internet associate runs Onager, a recreation of a Medieval siege engine which is a torsion catapult. It uses twisted ropes to move the arm.

The Poor and Hungry cannon had the highest fire rate when it came to trying to hit a car out in the field. It also sounded a bit like someone sneezing.

The skyline from a distance:

The skyline from the other side of the field. If you look closely you can see Juggernaut between The Big Ten Inch and _Alludium Q36 Pumpkin Modulator_. Roger's silver pickup truck is actually a bit more visible. There were 23 Unlimited class machines at this years Chunk.

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