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Busti Pumpkin Hurl 2001
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October 14th, 2001, Team Tormentum brought the Pumpkin Putter to Busti (Pronounced Bust-Eye) New York.

We threw many various directions as we tried to tune our trajectory, but eventually we threw about 70 feet. None of our shots were measured, so we don't really know how far anything went.

Many of these pictures were very dark due to the rain of the day, and were digitally altered to appear brighter, resulting in a bit of fuzz in many of these images.

Roger's Truck arrives at the s scene. The larger beams of the 'putter can be seen on the roof.

The putter is being put together.

The putter, with it's pouch open waiting on the line.

The line of catapults

A giant sling shot built and run by a local high school team. It had lots of large blue rubber bands pulled back by a winch. They came in third with throws in the 400's.

This catapult was built entirely with hand tools. The arm is a small cherry tree cut down to reduce weight. The counter weight is made of three train wheels totally 1125 lbs. He was throwing in the 300's.

A child's trebuchet that only stood about 6 feet high at the top of the arm. It threw tiny pumpkins of less than a pound up to 107 feet.

The kid's dad had this FAT. It threw about 200 feet. buy one of these.

The funky one had a thin bent arm with a web of welded rebar to reinforce it. His counter-weight consisted of a barrel filled with concrete and about a dozen tractor tire tubes acting as springs. He threw about 1120 feet on his first and only throw and came in second. This was a local machine. On the first throw he had a catastrophic failure of the counter-weight. The barrel of concrete had a 3/4" loop of rebar sticking out of it with some secondary safety straps made of chain. Both the 3/4" rebar and the safety chain sheared on the first throw.

Hypertension did his thing.

Treb on wheels


At the end of the contest, the officials asked what division we were in. The reply; human powered centripetal. Imagine our surprise when we had the farthest throw in our division at 70 feet.

Video Clips

Here is a video of the the 'Putter in action.

The putter flings 70 ft.
Video: MPEG
Size : 696324

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Pumpkin Putter 2001 Busti Chunk

Pumpkin Putter competing at the 2001 Busti Fire Chunk
1 min - Jun 26, 2006

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