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Team Tormentum Emeritus members
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A tribute to those team members who helped us in the beginning, but eventually left for other pursuits.

Roger Nichols

Roger runs the winch while
reconfiguring Mista Ballista

Roger's past time of choice is a mix between bicycle racing, and back packing up winter frozen peaks for long weekend excursions. He also managed to get hooked into Siege Engines in 1996 when I first showed him Treb Jr. He has been a valuable and exuberant member ever since.

Roger was our inspiration for building the Pumpkin Putter. This machine was designed to harness his bike racing prowess. Using his own cycling power, he has been able to power a pumpkin up to 45 mph with a distance of 150 feet.

When Roger was an active member of Team Tormentum, he worked for Brooktrout designing software for voice over IP gateways.

Roger enjoyed his first television appearance when he was on an episode of Modern Marvels with a nice description of our building practices. (Trip report).

CGI : 605 CGC : D++T++B++C++A+V-W+++

Jeff Del Papa

Jeff operates the hydraulic pump.

Jeff is no stranger to engineering or construction, and met Dave at a meeting of the New England Model Engineering Society. Jeff couldn't resist an opportunity to visit a farm field full of pumpkin throwing devices, and joined our team in 2001.

Jeff appeared on the TV show Junkyard Wars (back when it was Scrapheap Challenge on BBC.) as the NERDS team. You can see his team's site here.

For more on Jeff, see his NERDS bio.

CGI : 684 CGC : D+T+B+++G+C++A+V-W+++P+Vi+

Elsa Zuniga

Elsa helps assemble the 'Putter

Elsa was lured into being Team Tormentum's groupie when additional counterweight was needed for Juggernaut in the 1998 World Championship Punkin Chunk. She has been to every chunk until 2002, lending her social skills to our team, and doing her best to spy on our competitors.

Her favorite past time at the Chunk seems to be taunting Roger, but I may be mistaken.

Dave Foti

Dave Foti attended our very first chunk in 1998 with the Juggernaut when he lent his skill as counterweight. He eventually moved to Connecticut and was unable to continue on the team.

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Team Tormentum Emeritus members A tribute to those team members who helped us in the beginning, but eventually left for other pursuits.

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