Siege World Championship Chunk 2012: Torsion Class

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World Championship Chunk 2012: Torsion Class
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The torsion class had a great year with every machine throwing over 1000ft, Chucky III broke 3000 ft again, and spectacular failures on almost every machine on the field.

First Place: Chucky III

3,485 ft

Once again, Chucky 3 dominated the torsion lines. This machine now throws the pumpkin DOWN but due to the incredible amount of spin, the pumpkin will fly up and off into the distance. It is an amazing thing to see.

Second Place: Onager

2458 ft

Onager suffered from a crushed inner frame after their first shot. Carbo's team stayed up late into the night on Saturday to prep Onager for two shots on Sunday. They complete their fixes, and got a pumpkin out even farther the next day.

Third Place: Roman Revenge

2,377 ft

Roman Revenge bent their arm after their second shot. The third shot was on the same day, and they somehow managed to de-torque, swap in last year's arm, and retorque before their second shot a few hours later. It even threw farther for the third shot. Amazing!

Fourth Place: Ethos Phoenix

2236 ft

Ethos had a great first shot, but their arm exploded during their second shot. The video below shows the excitement.

Ethos Arm Failure

2102 Punkin Chunkin

Fifth Place: Gaul Buster

1880 ft

Gaul Buster worked hard all weekend, suffering from broken arm stops, pullback issues with their new arm, and throwing pie on their second shot. They persevered and came close to beating their personal best from last year.

Sixth Place: MIsta Ballista

1213 ft

We beat our personal best, broke gear, and created the worlds first large compounded Ballista. It was a great year!


The torsion results board.

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World Championship Chunk 2012 Team Tormentum brought Mista Ballista, our torsion machine to the chunk in 2012.
World Championship Chunk 2012: Mista Ballista Mista Ballista returned to Delaware for the 2012 Punkin Chunk. After our big success with bundle pre-tensioning last year allowing us to break the 1000ft mark, we opted to leave good things alone, and instead focus on torquing up the bundles to the max, and compounding the machine to see what it could do!
World Championship Chunk 2012: Torsion Class The torsion class had a great year with every machine throwing over 1000ft, Chucky III broke 3000 ft again, and spectacular failures on almost every machine on the field.

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