Siege World Championship Chunk 2009: Torsion Class

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World Championship Chunk 2009: Torsion Class
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The torsion class had a tough year filled with broken and incomplete machines. As a division, however, we all pooled our resources and helped each other out.

1st Place: Ethos : 2087.57 ft

2009 Team ETHOS Punkin Chunkin

1st place winning competition shot.

Ethos/Pheonix came back with a redesigned frame which worked wonderfully. For each shot they gave it a little bit more till they got their 2087 foot shot for the win.

Aside from the clever and complex torsion system, they also had the machine instrumented, measuring stresses and rotation while using the machine with 100 data points per second. How nifty is that.

This video was taken by Nancy Maslowas. Thanks Nancy!

Note - I need a good picture of ETHOS.

Roman Revenge II : 1734.85 ft

Roman Revenge was back, despite many rumors to the contrary. Not only were they back, but they hurled a pumpkin over 1700 feet to secure a second place shot on day two. This picture was taken after their throw on Day 2.

Unfortunately, on Day 3, their arm splintered on pullback, and they had to scratch the throw.

In this picture, you can make out the splinter pointing up in front of their arm. It's a bit hard to see with Chucky's rigging in the background.

Onager : 1431.87 ft

Onager was back, and got their 3rd place throw out for their first shot on Saturday. (The entire torsion line was missed on Friday when the first half of the field took too much time.) For their second shot, their winch gave out on pullback and they had to scratch the second shot.

On the third day, Onager borrowed our hydraulic setup in an effort to get the arm down for their third shot. The extra power, and a chain fall helped get the arm down. Even with that shot, however, they didn't throw as far as they had on Saturday morning, and that left them in third place.

Chucky 3 : 1097.67 ft

Chucky II was forced into early retirement by new rules governing the creating of deep holes in the field. This forced team Chucky to design and build a whole new rig dubbed ... Chucky III.

Chucky III moved the throwing arm axle up to the top of this frame. A cable ran over the cam and down to a short stubby arm stuffed in their torsion bundle down near the ground.

They struggled with this machine all weekend, and astounded everyone with their very first throw ever going over 1000 ft.

Mista Ballista : 693.58 ft

Mista Ballista returned. Read all about it on the Mista Ballista story page.

Gaul Buster : pie

Gaul Buster was back, and they had worked out most of their kinks. In practice anyway. During the practice runs they were sending punkins way out in the field. For every competition shot, however, they made pie. What's worse, on their last shot, their arm broke and set bits of itself out into the field. A serious setback for the team.

Team Gaul Buster Punkin Chunkin 2009

Friday's competition shot. Broke throwing arm.

This video was taken by Nancy Maslowas of team Gaul Buster. Thanks Nancy! If you visit her youtube channel you can find several more.
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World Championship Chunk 2009: Torsion Class The torsion class had a tough year filled with broken and incomplete machines. As a division, however, we all pooled our resources and helped each other out.

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