Siege World Championship Chunk 2008: Hatra Ballista

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World Championship Chunk 2008: Hatra Ballista
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Hatra Ballista Jr went to Delaware for the second time to compete in the Youth 10 and Under division.

We assembled and wound up the machine with only minutes to spare. Thanks Bob Carbo for giving us a ride from the Captains meeting to our pit.

The Hatra Ballista spring frame piggy-backed with Mista Ballista in the bed of Dave's truck. The rest arrived by minivan.


To get the Hatra frame down here, I had to design a new travel frame that allowed the bundles to travel upright. Once we had all the parts out, it was time to do the assembly.

Kevin, Amy, and the kids all helped put it together. Unfortunately, something was a bit crooked with the throwing pouch. A quick fix kept that issue from becoming a bigger problem later.

After our safety inspection, we had a brief chance to pose.

Owen took the first shot on Friday. Sadly, he pulled a wee bit too hard and ripped the keyring off the sea-catch. Amy went out and found a slightly tougher keyring at Lowes later the day to prepare us for tomorrow!


Trevor took the shot on Saturday, hitting our longest distance for the weekend of 269 ft.

Later that day we needed to get ready for our Sunday shot. We added some more torsion, then gave it a practice shot. The winch bottomed out and was unable to provide the needed pullback. We needed to borrow a battery from Mr. B for the following day.


On Sunday Bob Carbo, the Grandfather of the Torsion Division, got to check out Hatra Jr up close. He'd been providing a ride in his rented golf cart from the captain's meeting to our pit each day. We were very grateful for his time.

With our battery borrowed from Mr. B, we got a full pull. An adult gets to do the dangerous bits on the catapult, like hooking the lanyard up to the trigger. Despite our work, we only threw 250ft. Slightly less than yesterday.

And with that, Trevor captured the 3rd place trophy in the 10-and-under catapult division.
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