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World Championship Chunk 2007: Various
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Various notes from other divisions, and events of interest.


Trebuchets are a popular division, so I'm including the top three from the Adult classes.

The Trebuchet Scoreboard. What a good idea.

Yankee Siege has become a very large fixture of the Chunk. Another great New England team trucking their parts to Delaware.

"Merlin" has finally arrived at the 'Chunk after much hype on TheHurl. Merlin has a curved I beam in it that made Dave, Kevin and I go "Hmm... how did he make that?" This machine uses no counterweight yet, only the mass of the sled that runs down the vertical I-beams.

Google Video Service
Merlin 2007 2nd Shot

Merlin at the 2007 WCPC
16 sec - Nov 5, 2007

Yankee Siege is so big, I was unable to get a good picture of Pumpkin Hammer without it's looming presence impinging on my view. Pumpkin Hammer wants to be a whipper, but is instead a super-prop trebuchet out of necessity, as the whipping isn't working for them right now.

Motorized Centripetal

There are some cool centripetal machines at the chunk. This year Kevin caught some cool video.

Google Video Service
Centrifugal Machines 2007 Punkin chunk

Last shot of the 2007 punkin chunk for 3 of the 4 centrifugal machines. The one missing was too short to be seen past all the trucks in the pits.
1 min - Nov 6, 2007

Miscellaneous pictures

Adam tries to decide if he should add this torsion machine to the lineup for next year.

Let's Bounce crew helped out the Mista Ballista team big-time when we used their equipment to fix one of our torsioning arms that we use to finish tightening Mista Ballista's rope bundles.

Mr. B wasn't the only one to lose an arm. Hypertension imploded when the main axle failed during pullback. A tough break for John Huber, the VP of Punkin Chunkin.

Pumpkin Research! While the Camo-camo had a wood-like flesh, they didn't seem to grow over 7 lbs. The Ghiridelli's however, had thick stiff rinds, and flew well. This has become Chucky's ammo of choice.

Additional Pages for Punkin Chunk 2007
World Championship Chunk 2007 Team Tormentum brought two of our torsion machines to the chunk this year.
World Championship Chunk 2007: Mista Ballista Mista Ballista returned to Delaware for the 2007 Punkin Chunk. We didn't get everything done that we wanted, but we had high-hopes to improve over last year.
World Championship Chunk 2007: Torsion Class Once again, the torsion class ruled the field with massively long distance shots and the usually great Torsion comraderie.
World Championship Chunk 2007: Hatra Ballista Hatra Ballista Jr took its first trip to Delaware for the '07 chunk to compete in the _Youth 10 and Under_ division. It came down on the roof of Grandpa's van, and didn't hit the field till 7:45 am on Friday.
World Championship Chunk 2007: 10 and under The 10 and under catapult category had three machines in it this year, and everyone I talked to was plenty friendly. The families had a tendency to disappear after their shots, so I didn't get to chat with them much.
World Championship Chunk 2007: Various Various notes from other divisions, and events of interest.

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