Siege Punkin Chunk 2004: The Torsion Division

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Punkin Chunk 2004: The Torsion Division
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The torsion division returned for more adventures this year. While the outcome as the same as last year, the adventures were all different.

Team Chucky showed up on Thursday, and did something in the rain next door. I'm not exactly sure what they did, but it involved a fair amount of noise.

Chucky I and II both arrived and hurled with us all weekend. On Sunday, Chucky II went all out, and in addition to repairing their arm, they bolted on a 3 foot extension. It lasted long enough to move them from throwing a bit over 1000 feet, to their best shot yet at 1326.20.

Chucky I peaked out at 191.52 feet.

While practicing, they also shot a pumpkin straight up that landed on Mr. B's deck. The early release resulted in a dry-fire. This in turn caused their internal framing to warp, and a small section of their arm to delaminate.

Bob Carbo and Onager naturally showed up for the contest. The new Phatt Ash arm on the frame resulted in an extra 200 feet to his usual throwing ability.

Early on in the contest, Bob lost a chain ring off his winch. Tormented team member Dave deftly welded it back on for him, and it continued to work, in a wobbly sort of way, for the rest of the competition. (The bottom most gear in this picture.)

Bob captured 1st place with a fling of 1504.62 feet.

Mista Ballista, of course, managed to fling an impressive 358.73 feet, at only half tension, which was a new best for us. Several further chunks on Sunday appeared to be in the 500 foot range.

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