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Welcome to

This is the home of Team Tormentum.
We build modern siege engines, compete in charity Chunkin competitions, make guest appearances for Class Rooms and Television shows, and are willing to help local charity events using our siege engines.

To learn about our Siege Engine building team, or any of our machines, use the links on the right.

Consider helping Team Tormentum maintain this web site of our adventures by visiting one of our sponsors, or buy Books from Amazon which provides the pennies needed to keep a web site like this alive.

The Latest News

Web Game:

Try our latest web toy: Explode the snowman!

Team Web Log:

Oct 21, 2018
  • Final day of competition.
  • Longest shot of the competion was 1775 ft! Another record for us!

Oct 20, 2018
  • First day of competition.
  • Launch a pumpkin 1649 ft! A new record for us.

Oct 19, 2018
  • Arrive at Extreme Chunkin.
  • Setup Mista Ballista

To read older logs, see our Web Log.

Random Chunk Picture of the Day:

Get your daily dose of one random Chunkin' Picture from our massive image library.

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Catapult Index

Machines sorted by type and size:

Catapult Style Description Small Medium Large
Traditional Trebuchet Traditional trebuchets are historocal catapults powered by a counterweight, usually with a heavy weight on one side of the arm, and a sling and projectile hanging off the other.
Traction Trebuchet Traction trebuchets are historocal catapults powered by humans pulling on ropes, effectively acting as the counterweight as with traditional trebuchets. Traction trebuchets are the easiest to create and operate, as you don't have lots of weight to bring with you. You do, however, need to train the counterweight crew.
Ballista Ballsitas are torsion engines originally designed around 400BC. They are powered by two bundles of twisted rope, arranged in the form of a big crossbow.
Hatra Ballista Hatra Ballista is a torsion engine with two bundles. Unlike the greek ballista, a Hatra ballista is configured so the bowstring and arms rotate toward the center, providing a much better configuration for throwing heavy objects.
Onager Onagers are torsion engines, designed with a single bundle, and an arm and sling.
Air Cannons Air Cannons use a resevior of compressed air behind a valve. When the valve is opened, it will push the projectile down the barrel. Pnuematic cannons are similar to other kinds of cannons, but without the use of explosives.

Notes Micro Trebuchet Cam Trebuchet Cardan Trebuchet Scissor Trebuchet
Modern Trebuchet Models Modern Trebuchet Models use couterweights, but use different mechanics to take better advantage of the available power.
Notes Pumpkin Putter Universal Torsion Machine Kid-A-Pult
Other Machines Other machines we built, some went to competitions, and some just for fun.



Learn about our team, how to contact us, what we do, and what we're up to.

Engines Of War:

Team Tormentum has built over 20 different machines of all sorts, including historically inspired machines such as trebuchets, ballistas, and onagers, in addition to modern interpretations such as the Pumpkin Putter, ASOK trebuchet, and our mini air cannon. Some are for competitions, and others for fun.


Details on things we've learned as we went along, including what not to do. You won't find any detailed plans for any of our machines, but you will learn a few tricks and that make our machines work.


Team Tormentum drags catapults of all sorts to various public events. Everything from local High Schools to the World Championship Punkin' Chunk'. We've been battling for over 25 years and documented over 30 events.

Spare Parts:

Various amusing things such as Cartoons, Poems, projectile art, and links.

Awards and Trophies

Extreme Chunkin 2017
2nd place Torsion / Catapult Division

Extreme Chunking 2016
3rd Place Torsion / Catapult Division
Extreme Chunking 2015
2nd Place Torsion Division
Higgins Armoury
`Siege the Day' 2013
WOW Award
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2007
10 and Under Catapult 2nd place
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2008
10 and Under Catapult 3rd place
MathWorks Demolition 2010
Golden Shovel for Building Demolition
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2005
Human Powered Centripetal Division 3rd place
Zukapult 2006
Overall 2nd place and
Jr Division 1st place
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2006
Torsion Division 3rd place
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2004
Torsion Division 3rd place
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2004
Human Powered Centripetal Division 1st place
Zucchini Fest
Zukapult 2005
2nd place
Steve Jackson Games
Illuminated site of the week.
Busti Pumpkin Hurl 2001
Human Centripetal Division
1st place
World Championship
Punkin Chunk 2003
Torsion Division 3rd place

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